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FALCON AF-32 Redundant Broadcast Service Transport Platform

The AF-32 provides unique broadcast transmission functionalities far above market standards. The wide choice of supported services and scalable bandwidth enables the design of a transport platform exactly matching your requirements.


  • Broadcast Contribution Networks
  • Central Cast
  • DTT Distribution Networks
  • Advanced Protection Switching

Key Features

  • Full Redundancy
  • Transport of MPEG-TS, E1/T1, IP over PDH, SDH-, ATM and dark fiber
  • E3/DS3, STM-1 and STM-4 Network Interfaces
  • Advanced network functionalities
  • Automatic Protection Switching

atecom´s™ FALCON AF-32 is the perfect solution for all operation critical applications requiring highest availability in 24/7 operation. The unique design, avoiding any single point of failure, combined with market leading protection switching on all levels of the signal chain assures fail-save delivery of your services in contribution and distribution networks. Its scalability and flexibility enables you to design a transmission system exactly matching your requirements. Powerful error correction and ultra-fast protection switching on service level prevents against outages and impairment of your services in case of network failures. The transparent transport of the content enables usage within SFN, as used within DVB-T and DVB-H networks. Furthermore, by integrating advanced network services, complex redundant network layouts, like redundant ring structures and distribution points, can be realized on top of simple point-to-point network links, eliminating the need for expensive network nodes and reducing the overall cost of the network infrastructure.

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