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Birdie DV-2

Birdie DV-2
DVB-ASI/IP Gateway for SFN/MFN Networks

The DV-2 is a compact and cost-effective network adapter for transmission of MPEG transport streams over Ethernet / IP network. Transparent MPEG stream handling and superior clock recovery supports operation in SFN applications.


  • DVB-T/DVB-H¬†Transmitter Sites
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Event Locations
  • OB-VANs

Key Features

  • Transport of MPEG-TS over Ethernet / IP
  • Network Interfaces
  • Protocols
  • Management

The BIRDIE DV-2 is a full featured, compact DVBASI/ IP network adaptor and perfectly suites for small studios, transmitter sites, event locations, and OB-VANs being covered by a Ethernet network connection. By default the DV-2 accepts a DC power input. For AC power an external PSU is available, capable to feed 2 DV-2s. Up to 3 DV- 2s or 2 DV-2 and the AC-PSU can be mounted within 1RU. The DV-2 provides two ASI channels, userconfigurable as input or output, and can interface to 100/1000BaseT or 1000BaseX (optional) network links. The BIRDIE DV-2 supports VLAN, including GVRP (Generic VLAN Registration Protocol) and GMRP (Generic Multicast Registration Protocol). Unicast as well as Multicast (with IGMPv3) are supported. The MPEG-TS can be mapped to IP using UDP or RTP. For the correction of IP packet loss Pro-MPEG CoP3 FEC (only in combination with RTP) can be configured. The transparent handling of the MPEG-TS and the superior clock recovery enable operation in SFN applications, like DVB-T and DVB-H. Full support of SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 enables the smooth integration into existing network management systems. The integrated Web- Server provides a user-friendly user-interface accessible through any Web-Browser. Strictly developed according to ITU-T, DVB, ETSI and all other relevant standards, the BIRDIE DV-2 provides the highest level of interoperability with compression as well as network technologies.


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